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New Supra Medium

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Based on one of our bestsellers, the Supra. Pulse brings you a bit more of drive, perfect for rail to rail surfing in open faces.It has a bit less flex and a fuller outline compared to the Supra template. Designed to perform in a variety of condition. You will find on Pulse the sharp feeling of a classic template, combined with a modern flex pattern and outline.You will find on Supra a everyday fin to ride on almost every type of waves, from beachbreaks to pointbreaks. The design of the rake is focused to enable surfers to adapt their turns in every type of wave conditions. While designing this fins, we wanted to perform well on every type of waves, from open faces to short and fast waves. Supra combines the Arcco template with a medium flex pattern, making this fin a versatile option to Arcco model. Designed to perform in a variety of condition. A really lightweight fin with a notable flex. If you are looking for an everyday fin, Supra is your fin.