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Adrien Toyon M - Deflow Surf & Longboard Fins

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We love Adrien in constant research and development. After his latest trip to Dessert Point we had a long talk with him regarding the ampunt of drive he was looking on a wave and the powerful turns he likes to do. We came up with a clear conclussion: we should go back to basics, we should make the three set fins all in the same size. Once we decided that, we focused on a smaller but fuller outline with a decent amount of rake. This way we would increase the drive and speed. Also, we introduced polyurethane foam core (PFC) for stiffer feeling. And here it is, the new Adrien Toyon shape. Made for quality waves and drive feeling, ideal on quality waves and pointbreaks. Construction: Polyurethane Foam Core (PFC) Feel: Drive Flex: 3/5