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Comprar en Horacio Srfbrds

If you are looking for a classic balanced longboard with great paddling power, maneuverability and ease of use, Long B is your board.

The right balance of classic lines but with a performance touch makes this model an authentic “All rounder” log. Its rocker is practically symmetrical in height, however the cornering acceleration in the kick tail ensures more surfing time at the tip of the board while the tail is well sunk thanks also to some 50-50 rails to the tip of the tail and the outline square. In the nose the rocker curve grows soft, almost flat, offering a very easy paddle and below, a concave begins from the tip to almost the middle of the board where it gently transforms into a rolled vee that becomes increasingly more pronounced until the tip of the tail. Triming, glide and elegance in waves from the knee to whatever you want. It is recommended to use only with a keel.


9'0″ 22 1/2″ 2 7/8″ 69.0L

9'2″ 22 3/4″ 3″ 74.2L

9'4″ 23″ 3 1/8″ 79.5L

9'6″ 23 1/4″ 3 1/4″ 85.0L